How Many Stamps For a 9×12 Envelope?

Do you want to send your letter, official documents, or small package in a 9×12 envelope, and don’t know how many stamps you should use for a 9×12 envelope? Well, this article will give you the exact information about it.

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You will need to put stamps on whatever mail you want to send in the USA – letters, envelopes, or packages. If you ask, “How many stamps do you need for a 9×12 envelope”? It depends on several factors. 

One Forever Stamp covers the shipping cost of a standard-size letter or envelope weighing up to one ounce. However, when mailing a 9×12 envelope with a weight limit of up to 1 ounce, you often need two stamps. Shipping flats and large envelopes typically require two Forever Stamps. Additionally, the postage costs depend on the destination of your mail.

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Cost of USPS 9×12 Envelope Postage

How Many Stamps for USPS 9*12 Envelope

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is responsible for delivering the majority of letters and packages within the United States. When sending a letter, bill, or package, it is necessary to purchase postage in order to cover the associated shipping expenses.

The cost of postage can vary based on the method and destination of your letter shipment. When sending 9×12 envelopes, the postage amount is determined by factors such as the mailing destination and the weight of the envelopes.

If your envelope weighs one ounce or less, two Forever stamps will cover your postage cost. Each Forever Stamp costs 66 cents in July 2023. So, for sending a 9×12 envelope, your total cost will be $1.32

Cost with Additional Ounce Stamps

Stamps you need to use for a 8 Oz large letter

But, if your envelope exceeds the one-ounce weight limit, you will need to pay an additional 24 cents for each additional ounce. “Additional Ounce Stamps” are available to cover additional ounces. You can use them.

So whenever you send an envelope or package over an ounce, you’ll need to multiply the additional ounce by 24 cents and then add the appropriate number of stamps to your specific envelope or package.

Forever Stamp is the best-selling Stamp in the US because it always stays energised. Even if the price of the Forever stamp increases, your Forever Stamp purchased at the old price will always be acceptable.

Here are examples of postage costs for two different oz envelopes:

  • For a 2 oz envelope, you will need two Forever stamps, which cost $1.32, and one additional ounce stamp, which costs 24 cents. Your total postage cost for the 2 oz envelope will be $1.56
  • A 4 oz envelope will require you to use two Forever stamps, which cost $1.32, and three additional ounce stamps, which cost 72 cents. Your total postage cost for the 4 oz envelope will be $2.04.

If you want to use only one type of Stamp on your envelopes, you can pay more for your 2 oz envelope by using three Forever stamps instead of two Forever stamps and one additional ounce stamp.  

But there is no point in overpaying. So, where the additional ounce is covered with the additional ounce stamp, it is better to use something other than the Forever Stamp to avoid unnecessary payments and save pennies.

How Does the USPS Classify a 9×12 inch Envelope?


The USPS classifies a 9×12-inch envelope as a large envelope. A standard-sized envelope is not considered to be a large envelope. Flat items that don’t need a box can be shipped using a 9×12-inch or a large envelope.

Although standard envelopes can also hold Flat items, they have the drawback of being too small to hold larger items. Therefore, 9×12 envelopes are more handy and are used more often. A 9×12 envelope allows you to ship large items. It retains its shape even when flattened during transportation.

Should You Use Your Mailbox or Visit a USPS Office to Ship Your 9×12 Envelope?  

Should you use your mailbox or go to your nearest USPS office to send your 9×12 envelope? So it depends on how big or small your item is. If your item is lightweight, weighing one ounce or less, you won’t have to bother about going to a USPS office. 

Put two Forever stamps on the envelope, and drop it in your mailbox. The postal carrier will pick up your envelope for shipping. In contrast, if your item is large and heavy, and you’re still determining how much it will weigh, it’s best to take it to a local USPS office.  

A USPS employee will weigh your item and tell you the appropriate postage to ship it. You can then drop your envelope in the post office mailbox for shipping by paying the appropriate postage.

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What Can You Send in a 9×12 Envelope? 

You can send a lot of things in a 9×12 envelope. Here, we’ve included a list of a few of these things:

  • Books: You can send books in a 9×12 envelope. Books come in both hardcover and softcover. But softcover books are lighter and better for shipping. Hardcover books weigh more than softcover, so you may have to pay more.
  • DVDs: DVDs are generally lightweight, making it convenient to send a single disc in a 9×12 envelope weighing an ounce or less. In such cases, using two Forever stamps is sufficient. However, additional postage is required if you intend to mail two or three discs in a 9×12 envelope or a larger one. It may be necessary to use more than two stamps within the envelope.
  • Video games: In terms of video games, most video games will be around the size of a DVD. Some video games are even smaller than a DVD. So, video games can be sent in 9×12 envelopes.
  • Photographs: You can use a 9×12 envelope to send photographs, hand-shaped artwork, and photo albums. These items fit perfectly in this size envelope. Before sealing the envelope, carefully cushion the photograph and artwork to safeguard it. The majority of these things will stay flat when placed on a 9 x 12 envelope. Make sure to pack the items securely to prevent harm to them during transportation.
  • Manuscripts: You can also send the manuscripts in a 9×12 Envelope. Typed manuscripts are the same as letters, but manuscripts have more pages. And the more the number of pages, the more the weight. And the cost of shipping a heavier envelope filled with more manuscripts would also be higher.

How Many Stamps Should I Put on a 9×12 Envelope?

Stamps you need to use for a 4 Oz large letter

As we said, postage varies on two factors – the weight of the mail and how you send it. Printed materials and books may be shipped at low postage. But if you want to send your package via Priority Mail, you may have to pay more postage.

To find the appropriate postage for your package, take it to the post office. Post office staff will help you determine the appropriate envelope postage.

If you pay a little more shipping charge, it will not make any difference. But, if you ship your package with insufficient postage, your package may not be eligible for shipping, or it will be returned.

FAQs on How Many Stamps For a 9×12 Envelope

Read answers of frequently asked questions you might have:

What is the Faster Mailing Option for Your 9×12 Envelope?

The faster mailing option is called Priority Mail Express. The US Postal Service offers this postal service, which promises fast delivery within one or two days. It also offers a tracking system and delivery proof. Additionally, this mail service is often available 24/7 in many locations.

How Much Postage for a 9×12 Envelope Weighing 2 oz?

As mentioned, the 9×12 envelope is classified as Flat. Two Forever stamps are required for 1 oz Flat postage, which costs $1.32. So, for a 2 oz 9×12 envelope, you need two Forever Stamps that cost $1.32 and pay 24 cents for an additional ounce. The total cost would be $1.56.

How Many Stamps Should You Put on a 9×12 Envelope that Weighs 4 oz?

According to the United States Postal Service, a 9×12 envelope is flat. You must use two Forever stamps to mail the 1 oz Flat. The total cost would be $1.32. And to mail a 4 oz 9×12 envelope, you’ll need two Forever stamps on the envelope, which costs $1.32.  

For each additional ounce, you’ll pay 24 cents. The total additional ounce would cost 72 cents. So the total postage to mail your 4 oz 9×12 envelope would be $2.04.

How Many Stamps Should I Put on a 9×12 Bubble Envelope?

A 9×12 Bubble envelope weighing up to 4 ounces must have seven stamps on it in order to send it by USPS First Class. Before putting the stamps, ensure the envelope is weighed since only an envelope with enough stamps and the necessary postage will be sent to its destination. If the postage is less, the envelope will be sent back.


Postage for a 9×12 envelope depends on the weight of the envelope with its contents inside and destination. However, a 9×12 envelope of up to 1 ounce usually requires 2 Forever stamps. Before sending any letter or package, verify its weight and appropriate postage cost.

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