Final stamps bearing the Queen's head revealed

Royal Legacy Comes to a Close: Last Ever Stamps Featuring the Queen’s Likeness Unveiled

New postage stamps depicting the late Queen Elizabeth’s head have finally been revealed. The last set of postage stamps issued by Royal Mail features the 100th anniversary of the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive.

The last postage stamp of the Elizabethan era depicting the head of the Queen Elizabeth was released on Tuesday and will be issued next week as usual.

Since 1968, the silhouette of Queen Elizabeth II has been featured on special stamps. The release of the last postage stamp marks the end of the Elizabethan era.

A portrait of King Charles III will be featured on future memorial postage stamps.

Centenary Flying Scotsman Stamp with Queen's Head
Centenary Flying Scotsman – The Final stamps bearing the Queen’s head

The last stamps depicting the late Queen initiate a long-term plan. The plans were drawn up before Queen Elizabeth died in September and have been published by the Royal Mail.

The late Queen’s silhouette will last on the 12 tickets that depict the Flying Scotsman. This design will be added to the prior picture.

These last stamps as farewell stamps will feature steam locomotives constructed in 1923, that are running between the city of London and the city of Edinburgh. The series of these special stamps also includes placard artwork from the years 1920 and 1930.

The late Queen’s portrait appeared during her reign on numerous special sets of stamps with themes such as Star, Concorde, Endangered Species, Trek, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

Centenary Flying Scotsman
Flying Scotsman at Victoria Station

The Queen’s appearance on these memorial stamps comes to an end with the issuance of the last stamps. However, the existing supply of ordinary First-class as well as Second-class postage stamps displaying the Queen Elizabeth’s head will remain in use until the stock is exhausted.

The present portrait of the Queen is based on a photograph taken in 1950 when she was 20 years old. It was first used in 1968 on postage stamps on the celebration of British bridges, in which a great looking M4 Motorway bridge was also included.

Stamps with travel posters

In 1968, a First-class class stamp cost around 2p in decimal currency, and the cost has now risen to 95p.

The new King Charles stamp will be removed over the next few months. Royal Mail has already made it public, revealing a fairly simple design sans the King’s crown.

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