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USPS Click-N-Ship: What is it, Benefits & How to Use it?

Business owners need the fastest and easiest way to ship their products. They find such a shipping mode so that their goods reach their destination without hassle. Business owners go for Click and Ship USPS for shipping. 

But is it the easiest way of shipping? Does it meet the shipping needs of the business owners? Everything related to it will be highlighted in this article.

Terms of Click and Ship USPS, how efficient this service is – you will get the right information about all these things by reading this article. So, keep reading!

What is Click and Ship USPS?

USPS offers a service called Click-N-Ship, which allows customers to create and pay for their domestic and international shipping labels online. It provides a range of services. Users of the Click and Ship service can complete all common tasks at the post office using the online interface. 

You can test the effectiveness of this postal service’s take-home service by downloading Click and Ship labels. Additionally, you can arrange for package pickup, order free shipping boxes, and purchase postage. Within the App, everything is organized. 

What are the Benefits of Using Click and Ship USPS? 


The Click and Ship service is completely free. You don’t need to pay extra costs to design or print these labels. 

2. Convenience

Click and Ship allows you to create and pay for your shipping labels from the comfort of your home. You can avoid visiting the post office to send your package. This is a nice feature that saves your effort and time.

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3. Cost Savings

The USPS offers discounted rates for online shipping through Click and Ship. These rates are often lower than in-person rates at the post office. Click and Ship lets you save pennies on shipping costs.

4. Package Tracking

You are provided a tracking number for your package on Click and Ship online service. This allows you and your receiver to track the shipping status online. You can track your packages online. You will be in the knowledge of where your package is during transit.

5. FREE Supplies

The Click and Ship service lets you use USPS shipping supplies for Free. These Free supplies include boxes, labels, and envelopes. You can easily order these supplies online and get them delivered to your home without paying extra charges. In this way, this service becomes convenient and cost-effective.

6. Print Priority Mail Labels

Using this service, you can print Priority Mail labels quickly without standing in line at the post office.

7. Loyalty Program Credits

One benefit of this service is that businesses can take advantage of USPS Loyalty Program credits when using this online portal. It’s a great way to save pennies on package shipping costs.

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What are the Disadvantages of Click and Ship USPS? 

Limited Service Options

Click and Ship USPS can only provide some shipping services and options available at a physical post office. For example, certain services, such as certified mail or registered mail, may not be accessible through the online platform.

Technical Issues

Click & Ship USPS is susceptible to technical glitches, website downtime or slow response times. These problems may hinder your ability to generate shipping labels or cause delays when processing your shipment.

Lack of Services 

There are no First-Class as well as Ground services available for labels from Click and Ship. Additionally, the Click and Ship service only offers retail prices. When you use it, you lose out on savings of up to 70% on shipping costs.

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How to Use Click and Ship USPS?

Managing your USPS shipments is simple and time-saving with Click and Ship. Here’s a brief overview of using Click and Ship:

1. Register for a USPS Account

First, you need to register to use a USPS account for Free. Click the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner of the USPS website. Follow the instructions exactly to create your account.

2. Access Click and Ship

After logging in, select “Click and Ship” from the dropdown menu under the “Mail & Ship” tab on the USPS webpage. The Click and Ship page will open.

3. Enter Shipping Details 

On the Click and Ship page, you must provide relevant data for your shipping. This includes the address of the final destination and the size and weight of the shipment.

4. Select a Shipping Service

Click and Ship will display various USPS shipping services and their associated costs based on your submitted data. They may include First Class Mail, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express. Choose the shipping service best suited for your needs and financial condition.

5. Pay for the Postage

After choosing the shipping service mode, you must pay for the postage. You can use a credit/debit card as a payment method. To complete the transaction, enter your payment details correctly.

6. Print Your Shipping Label

Next, print your shipping label. Before publishing the brands, check that your PC or laptop is connected to the printer, then follow the on-screen instructions to print the shipping level.

7. Affix the Shipping Label to the Package 

Use transparent packing tape to affix the shipping level on your package. Ensure that the address and barcode are clear.

8. Drop Off Package 

Finally, please drop off your package at any USPS post office, or put it in your mailbox to be picked up by the mail carrier.

click-n-ship USPS

How to Track Shipments with Click & Ship USPS?

1. Find Your Tracking Number

After using Click and Ship to design and pay for your shipping label, you will be given a special tracking number. You can find this number on your email confirmation, printed shipping label, or Shipping History in your USPS account.

2. Visit the USPS Website

To use the tracking tool, visit the USPS website. A “Track and Manage” tab is located above the webpage. Click it to bring up the dropdown menu, then choose “Tracking”.

3. Enter Your Tracking Number 

You can enter your tracking number in the text box on the tracking screen and click the “Track Package” button.

4. View Tracking Information

You will be directed to a page with your shipping tracking information after clicking the “Track Package” button. This information contains the package’s present condition, anticipated delivery date, and previous transit history through the USPS system.

5. Sign Up for Notifications

You can subscribe to email or text notifications from the USPS. Go to the Tracking Information page, and there you will find a “Get Updates” icon. Just click on it, and sign up to receive the notifications by following the instructions correctly.

6. Your Package’s Progress

You can check the tracking page at any time to see where your package is in the USPS system as it moves via the system.

7. View Delivery Tracking Status 

Once the package is delivered, you will get the updated tracking status, which shows the date & time of delivery, location, and recipient name.

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Why You Should Rely On USPS Click and Ship Over Priority!

Many features of Click and Ship justify why you should rely on USPS Click and Ship over Priority. Some of them are:

  • This service is simple and convenient 
  • Customers benefit from time and effort savings.
  • You can order packing boxes for Free.
  • For the packages you want to ship, you can arrange Free pickups.
  • Accessible shipping prices are available through the website.


Can I use Click and Ship with my box? 

You can use Click and Ship with any box, just like the standard USPS service.

How long are Click and Ship labels good for?

As long as you specify the shipping date you created the shipping label, the Click and Ship labels are good.

Is Click and Ship expensive?

In actuality, Click and Ship is slightly cheaper than retail USPS prices. It’s cheaper because you create the shipping labels yourself instead of having a USPS worker. 

How do I get a refund from Click and Ship?

You can go to and file a claim to get a refund.


Click and Ship USPS provides business owners a user-friendly and cost-effective shipping solution. It saves time and money while providing reliable tracking and insurance options. This online portal can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, especially those involved in shipping products to domestic and international customers.

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