Does Asda Sell  Stamps? 2024 Updates

Asda Stores Limited is a well-known supermarket chain in Britain where you can buy groceries and other items. Asda Superstores also let you buy envelopes, pens, paper, and other stationery items to mail your letters or packages. But does Asda sell stamps

If Asda sells stamps, buying all your mailing supplies from one place will be easier. You can avoid visiting your local post office to buy stamps.

Here we are giving all the information about Asda’s stamp dealing, which is important for you to know if you are interested in buying stamps from Asda. Keep reading!

Does Asda Sell Stamps?

Asda store does sell stamps

Yes, Asda sells stamps. Asda locations carry a large variety of postage stamps, including First and Second Class postage stamps. Many Asda supermarkets sell both First-Class and Second-Class stamps.

They offer postage stamps at a starting price of 66p. You can also choose to buy stamps online at

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What Types of Stamps Does Asda Sell?

Asda offers Standard Royal Mail stamps, such as Standard First-Class stamps, Standard Second-Class stamps, Large First-Class stamps, and Large Second-Class stamps. 

The following are the Royal Mail stamp variants available at most Asda superstores: 

  • Royal Mail 4 Large First-Class Stamps
  • Royal Mail 12 First-Class Stamps
  • Royal Mail 12 Second-Class Stamps

Does Asda Sell Individual Stamps?

Yes, Asda sells individual stamps. You can buy bulk and individual or single stamps from Asda supermarkets. This is a great advantage of buying stamps at Asda, where customers can buy stamps as per their requirements.

Can I Buy Envelopes at Asda?

Yes, you can buy envelopes and other postal supplies from Asda. Asda offers different types of envelopes both in physical stores and online.

Can I Buy Second-Class Stamps at Asda?

Yes, you can buy Second-Class stamps from Asda stores. ASDA sells a variety of stamps, including the Second-Class stamps mentioned above. You can buy Royal Mail 12 Second-Class stamps at Asda Superstores.

These stamps can be used to mail letters, invitations & other cards, and official documents within the United Kingdom. You can buy Royal Mail stamps in packs of 4/6/12 stamps. Second-Class stamps are available in Asda in-store as well as online.

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At what cost does Asda sell stamps?

Stamp prices at Asda vary by stamp category. Here is a list of the prices at which Asda sells individual stamps:

  • Second-Class stamp for 66p that fits on a regular letter.
  • Second-Class stamp 96p that fits on a large letter.
  • First-Class stamp for 85p that fits on a regular letter.
  • First-Class stamp for £1.29 that fits on a large letter.

For a booklet of 12 regular First-Class stamps at Asda, you could pay £10.20. If you intend to buy stamps at Asda in packs of between 4 and 12, the cost of stamps may be slightly higher.

You can check the prices of stamp packs on the Asda website. You will not need to check the price of the stamp by going in-store, and you can directly place an order for stamp packs as per your requirement.

Where Can I Buy Stamps at Asda Store?

The majority of Asda supermarkets sell stamps. You can buy stamps from any Asda superstore near you. If you need to know the location of your nearest Asda stores, you can use the store locator to find your local Asda store.

Now the question comes, where exactly will you get the stamps in the Asda store? Stamps are sold at the cigarette kiosk or the store’s customer service counter. Stamp stock is available there. You will find the cigarette kiosk near the entrance of the store. 

You tell the customer care agent at the kiosk what type of stamp you want and how much. They will provide you with the stamp you need. If you are still looking for a cigarette kiosk or customer service counter, you can ask any staff at the store. They will help you.

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Can I Buy Postage Stamps Online at Asda?

Yes, you can buy postage stamps online at Asda. You can order as many bundles of stamps as you want on the Asda website. The stamp will be delivered to your home. Stamps cost the same in Asda in-store and on the Asda website. 

So, it is not that you will have to pay more or less by buying stamps online. But shipping charges can be taken from you on home delivery. For online purchases with shipping costs under £40 and Click & Collect orders under £25, Asda adds a £3 basket charge.

When going to buy stamps on, remember that Asda only offers First Class and Second Class postage stamps, which are available in different packs, such as 4, 6, 8, etc.

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How to Find an Asda Store Near Me?

Asda has over 630 retail locations throughout the United Kingdom. So, you can easily discover an Asda store near you. There may even be two or three Asda locations nearby.  

Use Asda’s Store Locator if you still need help finding a store near you. This makes it simple to locate Asda stores in the UK.

To locate the nearest Asda location, enter your city’s name or postcode and click search. The store locator will provide you with a list of the nearby Asda locations along with their addresses and contact information.

What are the Working Hours at Asda?

Asda stores are open every day of the week except Sunday. Business hours for Asda stores vary by location. But on Mondays, Asda stores are usually open from 7 am to 11 pm, i.e., stores open at 7 am and close at 11 pm.

Nevertheless, you’ll find Asda stores open 24 hours in some regions. It provides additional convenience for purchasing postage stamps and household items.

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Most Asda superstores and supermarkets deal in stamps but note that Asda Living stores do not sell stamps. Individual stamps range from 66p for Standard Second-Class stamps to £1.29 for a larger First-Class stamp at Asda. 

So, the next time you go to the Asda supermarket, buy some stamps to send anniversary cards or letters to your friends and relatives.

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