Can You Print labels at USPS Post Office?

The USPS offers a variety of shipping services, such as Priority Mail Express, First-Class Mail, Package, First Class Package Service, Certified Mail, and so on. USPS is the most significant postal system in the world, which alone ships 47% of the total mail delivered worldwide.

USPS has a record of 128.8 billion mail deliveries per year. But can you print labels & addresses at USPS? Every aspect related to this topic will be highlighted in this post. If you want to know whether USPS prints labels & addresses or not, read the full article. Let’s get started! 

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Can You Print Labels at USPS?

Yes, the USPS allows you to print your labels & addresses. 

According to John Lloyd a Former Retired from USPS, If you create an account on the USPS official website (, you will be able to print your labels and pay the required postage. 

Your package must be addressed to the post office counter for shipping. The post office will charge postage to deliver your parcel to its destination using the address you provided on your package. The recipient’s address cannot be printed at the post office location.

Let’s explain it. 

When you want to ship a package via USPS, you have two options for printing your labels & addresses. The first option is to print the levels at home on if you have access to a printer. Another option is to locate a participating US post office that offers in-store printing level service and can print the levels for you.

The USPS has introduced a Label Broker program to make the printing label seamless for customers.

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What is a Label Broker?

The USPS provides a convenient and free program called Label Broker. With USPS Label Broker, online businesses like Amazon, eBay, and individual senders or shippers can buy a label online, generate a QR code, and print it for their packages at the post office desk. 

The Label Broker service aims to make mailing simple for people when printers are unavailable. In 2020, the program was combined with Click-N-Ship.

How Does the USPS Label Broker Work?

Through your Label Broker account with Click-N-Send, you can create an online shipping label whenever you need to ship something. You may receive an email with the specially formatted QR code in it. When creating your shipment, this serves as your Personal Label Broker ID. 

The secure USPS Label Broker Repository stores this particular Label Broker ID or QR code. Then, you’ll need to visit your local participating post office with your package and your unique Label Broker ID, also known as a QR code. The QR code will be printed on paper or displayed on your phone.

On showing your QR code, the post office clerk will do the following:

  • Scan your QR code with a reader
  • Will print a shipping label for you.
  • Will affix that label to your specific package
  • You will be given a receipt to submit the package for shipping.
  • Finally, your package will be shipped for delivery to its destination.

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Do All US Post Offices Offer Label Broker Services?

Thankfully, nowadays, the majority of post offices offer Label Broker services. Yet, only some post office locations do. If you need help determining whether a US Post Office in your locality offers this service, you can use the USPS Location Finder on to find out.

A list of post offices within your specified mile radius will be visible when you enter your location in the “Search for a Location” box. The next step is to click on the store and look under “Services at this Location” to see if a USPS Label Broker option is available. 

If you live far enough away or in a small town, extend the location search radius to 100 miles.

Take the Package with You to the Post Office When Using the Label Broker Program

It is imperative to have your package with you when using the Label Broker program. So, when you go to the post office to get the label printed for your package, take your package with you to the post office.

It is the policy of the US Post Office that any labels they print must be immediately affixed to the package and submitted to a post office worker for shipping. If you want the labels printed at the post office counter, take them home, and later stick the labels on your packages and ship them; the post will not print the labels for you.

On the other hand, if you are a seller and take several similar-looking packages to the post office to print the labels, they should be marked inconsistently. The benefit of this will be that you will not have to open the packages, and you can avoid the risk of sending the wrong package to an inappropriate buyer.


Is It Free to Print Labels with The Label Broker Service? 

Yes, the USPS label printing service is entirely free. But, like all shipping services, you must bear the shipping charges. It is always paid in full using your Click-N-Ship account. Fortunately, as a seller, you are also allowed to use this service for your customers’ return labels, making it simple to return packages to your customers with free labels.

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What Type of Labels Can You Print?

Whatever type of label you order from Click-N-Send, will be printed by the USPS. It is entirely unrestricted. Label Broker can print all the necessary documents for you, whether you want to ship out of town, across state, country, or internationally.

Can I Print USPS Labels Straight From My Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can print USPS labels directly from your mobile phone. A USPS worker can scan the unique QR code generated for you by the Label Broker, either from the printed copy or directly from your mobile phone, and print the label for you.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Printing Labels 

When printing labels, you should keep a few things in mind. These include:

  • First, you must confirm that your package can be read. This indicates that all your handwritten information is legible and organized at the top of the box. This way, every USPS worker who comes in contact with the package will be able to quickly read the information written on the top of the package, and the package will be delivered to its correct destination.
  • Second, make sure the post office you’re going to has a Label Broker service, so you can easily print labels.
  • Third, bring the package to the post office to print the label. Because after the USPS publishes the label, they will immediately stick it on the box and put the package in the post office for shipping.

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FAQs On Printing Labels & Addresses at USPS

Can I print shipping labels & addresses at USPS?

Yes, USPS offers various online services that allow you to print shipping labels & addresses for your packages. You can use their Click-N-Ship service to create labels and pay postage online.

How do I print labels at USPS?

You can use the Click-N-Ship service on their website to print labels at USPS. You’ll need to create an account, enter package details, including sender and recipient addresses, select a shipping option, and print the label.

What do I need to print labels at USPS

What do I need to print labels at USPS?

You will need a computer with internet access, a printer, and adhesive labels or paper to print labels. In addition, you need an account on the USPS website to access the Click-N-Ship service.

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Your shipping requirements can be managed conveniently and effectively by printing labels & addresses at USPS. You can streamline the shipping process by using their online tools and services. Ultimately, you can enhance your overall experience with the USPS. 

Whether sending packages for personal or business purposes, using USPS label and address printing options can help simplify your mailing tasks.

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