How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Large Envelope

Sometimes you need a large envelope to send your mail, and a large envelope needs to add a fair amount of postage. Forever stamps usually cover envelopes or letters weighing 1 ounce, but if your large envelope weighs more than 1 ounce, you’ll need more stamps to meet the USPS requirement. 

If your question is, “How many stamps do I need for a large envelope?” It will depend on a few things.

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In the article, you will find the right answer to your question. We will discuss the same topic, how many stamps will be required for a large envelope.

The Number of Stamps Required Depends on the Weight of the Envelope

How much is the Weight of the Envelope

If you wish to send a letter that is a standard-size envelope and weighs one ounce or less than one ounce, one Forever stamp covers the postage cost. But, if your letter is a large envelope whose size is 9×12, and it is a Manila envelope weighing more than one ounce, you will require two Forever stamps.

As with rules in the mailing industry, the quantity of stamps required for a large envelope is determined by how many ounces the envelope weighs when filled with its contents. The majority of large envelopes sent by the USPS weigh an ounce or less. Hence, most Manila and big envelopes can be sent using just one Forever stamp.

A First-Class stamp can cover a letter up to 3 oz; however, a letter that exceeds the weight limit of 1 oz will require you to pay an additional postage cost for each additional oz. This postage cost not the whole 66 cents (the equivalent of the price of a stamp) but only 24 cents for each additional ounce.  

You are free to use additional stamps to cover the postage of additional ounces. But, if you need to pay for a little extra ounce, it will make more sense to pay for the extra ounce.

Pro Tip: On the other hand, if your large envelope weighs three ounces, you can use three Forever stamps as postage. The USPS will accept your mail if you pay more than the required postage. There will be no problem.

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Ensure That Your Envelope is Not a Poly Mailer

When you stamp an envelope, you have to ensure it is not a poly mailer. The USPS classifies large envelopes, such as Manila envelopes, as Flats, and you can mail Flats with First-Class postage. 

In contrast, poly mailers are more three-dimensional envelopes that you can ship with a First-Class package or Priority Mail shipping method, as required by the USPS.

Check the envelope measurements to determine if your envelope is Flat according to the USPS. To meet the USPS Flat requirement, your large envelope must have the following dimensions:

  • The minimum envelope size should be 5″ x 3.5″
  • Maximum envelope size should be 11.5″ x 6.125″
  • The envelope should be no thicker than 1/4″

If your large envelope fits the parameters mentioned above, you can be sure that your envelope will be classified as Flat by the USPS. You can mail it with First-Class postage.

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Shipping Cost Varies Between Envelopes and Postcards

Postage cost varies across shipping envelopes and postcards. If you want to send a Manila envelope, you will have to pay more postage for that. Sending a Manila envelope is expensive. In contrast, you can send postcards at a lower cost. A postcard stamp is available for only $0.51, while a regular Forever First-Class stamp comes in at $0.66.

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You can use Forever stamps to send postcards. There is no restriction on it. But you’ll end up paying 15 cents more than the required postage, which is a bad thing to do. Therefore, it would be appropriate to use a postcard stamp for a postcard.  

You can buy postcard stamps from the USPS website, or you can also buy postcard stamps from your local post office according to your need. You can also collect and keep the Forever stamps booklet and use it for your letter or large envelope mailing.

Final Word

Postage costs always depend on the weight of the letter or envelope. A single Forever Stamp covers the postage cost of large envelopes up to 1 ounce. But, in the case of large envelopes that exceed the 1-ounce weight limit, you will need to pay additional postage for the additional ounce. Always put the appropriate quantity of postage stamps on any envelope.

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