How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Letter to Canada?

Do you need help choosing the best method for delivering mail to Canada? Don’t worry, I am there to help you with this. 

Global Forever Stamps, which cost $1.40 each, are the simplest way to send letter from the United States to Canada. As long as they total $1.40, you can also use standard, domestic forever stamps. In contrast to all other overseas destinations, Global Stamps to Canada are Buy One Get One Free on the first two ounces. You should include extra postage if the weight is greater than 2 ounces. You’ll need the following first-class postage to mail letters to Canada:

How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Letter to Canada In 2023?

In 2023 any envelope weighing less than 2 ounces can be sent using Global Forever stamps, be it postcards,  business envelopes, postcards. For large envelopes and flats, Global Forever requires two stamps. For shipping letters to Canada, Permanent, Special Ounce, and Cent stamps are acceptable.

Please keep reading for more helpful information and tips as I go into even more detail regarding how many stamps you need for your mail addressed to Canada!

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How Much Does It Cost to Mail a Letter to Canada?

The weight of the item and the service you select will affect the cost of postage when mailing to Canada.

This section’s primary focus is on the shipping costs for standard-sized letters sent using First-Class Mail International service.

Standard-size letters, such as business envelopes greeting cards, which weigh under 2 ounces can be sent to Canada with just one Global Forever stamp.

Global Forever stamps are presently available from the USPS for $1.40

To send letters to Canada, use the First-Class Mail International service. Letters can weigh up to 3.5 ounces.

In the table below you can see the postage rates per the weight of you letter/package. Keep in mind that if the weight of you shipment falls between 2 weights then you have make it round up and you have to pay the higher weight postage price. For example if your shipment weights is 1.9 ounce then you have to pay for 2 ounces postage price.

WeightPostage Rates/Price
1 ounce$1.40
2 ounces$1.40
3 ounces$1.97
3.5 ounces$2.54
More than 3.5 ouncesFlat rates will be applied

Can I Mail a Letter to Canada with Forever Stamps?

As I have mentioned previously, USPS offers a special Forever stamp intended for International mailing named as “Global Forever Stamp”

You can send letters, papers, packages and envelopes that weigh around 2 ounces using Global Forever stamps in your international mail.

In addition to such Global Forever stamps, you can also ship mail to Canada with domestic Forever Stamps provided their combined value is at least $1.40. At the current price ($0.60), you would need domestic Forever Stamps 3 in number to mail your message.

However, I strongly advise against it since you will incur excessive delivery costs. Three domestic Forever Stamps cost $1.80, while postage to Canada costs $1.40. You will thus pay $0.40 more than is necessary.

Ultimately, it is easier and more economical to deliver items to Canada with Global Forever stamps.

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How Many Stamps Do I Need for Mailing Flats to Canada?

If your letter’s weight is more than 3.5 ounces or is bigger  than a standard-sized letter, you must check the USPS’s rates for large envelopes (usually called “flats”) to determine the correct number of stamps.

An envelope/Courier package needs to meet the following specifications to be classified as a flat:

  •  6 18 inches high by 11 12 inches long.
  • 12 inches in height  and 15 inches long.
  • 3/4-inch maximum thickness.
  • Weighs between 1 ounce and 15.994 ounces

For 1-ounce flats heading to Canada, the starting price is $2.60.

Weight(s)Postage RatesNumber of Stamps
1 Ounce$2.601 Global Forever stamp + 2 Domestic Forever stamps 
2 Ounces$3.032 Global Forever stamps + 2 10¢ stamps + 1 2¢ stamp + 1 1¢ stamp
3 Ounces$3.292 Global Forever stamps + 1 Postcard stamp + 1 5¢ stamp
4 Ounces$3.522 Global Forever stamps + 1 Domestic Forever stamp + 1 10¢ stamp + 1 2¢ stamp
5 Ounces$3.782 Global Forever stamps + 1 Domestic Forever stamp + 1 Additional Ounce stamp + 1 10¢ stamp + 2 2¢ stamps
6 Ounces$4.032 Global Forever stamps + 2 Domestic Forever stamps + 1 2¢ stamp + 1 1¢ stamp
7 Ounces$4.293 Global Forever stamps + 1 5¢ stamp + 2 2¢ stamps
8 Ounces$4.543 Global Forever stamps + 1 Additional Ounce stamp + 1 10¢ stamp
9 Ounces$5.804 Global Forever stamps + 2 10¢ stamps
10 Ounces$7.055 Global Forever stamps + 1 5¢ stamp

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How many stamps for a postcard?

One Global Forever Stamp costs $1.40 if you send a postcard to Canada. Check that your postcard

  • Is rectangular ( square and round a big NO!)
  • at least 5-inches long, 3-1/2 inches tall, and 0.007 inches thick.
  • 0.016 inches thick and not bigger than 4-1/4 inches high by 6 inches long.

Envelope specifications

The dimensions of the envelope should ideally be minimum of 5″ x 3.5″, maximum of 11.5″ x 6+1/8″, and a thickness of no more than 1/4″.

Before you wrap and pack your envelope make sure that there is a uniformity in thickness, it’s rectangular shape and is bendable otherwise you will end up adding $0.15 extra postage because your envelopes will be non-machinable. .

The dimensions of a square envelope should be 5” also for square envelopes add 0.21$ extra because square envelopes are considered to be non-machinable. 

How do I weigh the envelope?

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

To determine the weight of your envelope, use a kitchen scale. If you don’t already have one, Amazon offers a decent entry-level scale for $8.51, while My Weigh offers a higher-end scale on Amazon Prime for $47. In addition, Walmart sells several affordable kitchen scales, such as the Millercoo scale, for $8.25.

Where to apply stamps on a letter?

A row of stamps should be placed in the upper-right corner of a letter. However, the post office will still accept your mail even if your stamps extend to a second or third line.

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What is the delivery times to Canada

Canada takes 7–21 days to get letters delivered, as opposed to the 1–3 days it takes for domestic service.

How to mail directly to Canada?

It’s crucial to pick the best alternative to advertise your company using direct mail in Canada. Otherwise, marketing expenses may be very high.

If you use USPS to send mail to Canada, the First Class Mail service is more expensive and lacks a useful tracking service than printing and mailing mail in Canada. Additionally, you are paying for international delivery even though it is unnecessary.

How to use USPS to ship to Canada?

With USPS stamps, sending mail and parcels to Canada is just as simple as doing so within the United States. The procedure is literally the same, the only difference is that the envelope/parcel will be delivered internationally.  Even if the envelopes are small sized or large or packages don’t have to go very far, you still need to account for shipping charges. International shipping fees are charged because it is considered an international mail delivery.

How to Address a mail to Canada?

How to address a mail to canada?

When mailing an envelope or package to Canada, follow this format. Use a pen or permanent marker to precisely write down the package’s whole address without using commas or periods.

Write sender address

  • In the upper-left corner, type your U.S. address (sometimes known as your “return address”).
  • Your full name or the name of your business, the apartment or suite number, the full street address, the city, the state, and the zip code +4 for the USA should all be included on separate lines.

Include the delivery address.

  • Print and paste the full address (format wise) in English in the middle of the label or package.
  • Include the recipient’s full name or the name of the company, the recipient’s full street address, city, subdistrict (such as province, state, county), and postal code, Canada, on separate lines.

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Are there any alternative services?

You can send a letter from the United States to Canada using domestic forever stamps. Still, anyone aiming to sell to Canadian clients is advised to refrain from doing so because there is no reason to pay international fees.

Your mail postage will cost more if you use domestic forever stamps or even a global forever stamp. The number of Global Forever stamps you require doesn’t matter. You can save money on your online postage by not using a domestic forever stamp when using the Postalytics system.

Do customs check mails going to Canada?

Your letter must pass through the United States if you use the USPS to send it. Canadian Border Services Agency and Customs will check customs declaration printed labels, which is why it is important for you to stick on the envelope. These statements will inform the real value of the content inside. 

In conclusion

Most of the time, you only need one Global Forever stamp to send a letter to Canada. However, if your envelope is heavier or larger than the usual sized ones, you should either use our stamp guide or visit your local post office to have them determine the reasonable price for you.

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