Does UPS Deliver To PO Boxes?

Does UPS deliver to PO Boxes? If you are looking for the answer, you are reading the right article. Is it possible if you want your mail and packages to be delivered to your PO box instead of your home mailbox via UPS? Well, this article will illuminate every aspect of this topic.

What is a PO Box?

What is a PO Box?

First, it is important to understand the term PO Box. A PO Box serves as a replacement for your home mailbox. In post offices, there is a lockable box like this. PO Boxes are under the Federal Government, and they are a simpler, faster, and more secure system for receiving your personal and business mail.

You can get mail or packages sent directly to your PO Box via services partnered with USPS.

How Do PO Boxes Work?

A PO Box has a unique number, which serves as the address for receiving mail. You can rent a PO box in the post office to receive your personal and business mail. When you request to rent a PO box at the post office, the post office will provide you with a box that only you can access.

You can use a PO Box number as a substitute for your home address. The post office allows you to receive every type of mail in your PO Box. The advantage of a PO Box is that it does not reveal your home address and keeps it private.

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Does UPS Deliver to PO Boxes?

Does UPS Deliver to PO Boxes?

Unfortunately not! But there is a certain reason behind it. UPS does not deliver mail or packages to PO Boxes or PO Box addresses. It delivers mail only to real, verified, and valid physical or home addresses.

Nevertheless, you are free to use particular UPS services and other approaches to work around it. What happens if you ever attempt to mail UPS packages to a PO Box? Are there any other carriers you may use? Well, we will also talk about this in the next parts of the article.

Why Can’t You Send a UPS Package to a PO Box Address?

This is because the USPS post office does not allow other courier services to deliver any package or mail to your PO box address. UPS is a private company, and the Federal Government owns PO Boxes and is their property. Only the USPS system is authorized to deliver mail to PO boxes. Hence, you can’t send a UPS package to a PO box.

What Happens If You Try To Ship a Package Via UPS to a PO Box?

If you ever try to ship your UPS package to a PO box address, your mail will not be sent. When UPS first sees the PO Box address on your shipping label, they will refuse to deliver your package to the PO Box address you provided. They will dial the recipient’s phone number and inquire about their house or other physical address.

Although this is good, your mail will be noticed and reach its destination.  

But you will have to pay extra charges to reroute any delivery. Sometimes, UPS will put your package on hold. Afterward, you will need to pick up your package from your local UPS.

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Can Other Courier Services Ship Packages to Your PO Box?

No, other courier services also cannot deliver directly to PO boxes using their usual services. Nevertheless, UPS and a few other carriers have delivery systems in partnership with the USPS. Examples include UPS SmartPost and FedEx SmartPost. These services partner with USPS to deliver your mail or packages to PO Boxes.

How to Use UPS Delivery to PO Box Locations?

You can send UPS packages to PO Boxes only if you are using UPS’s special services. But, USP’s standard shipping option does not provide PO Box delivery. UPS Mail Innovations and UPS SurePost are still available for shipping to your post office address. Both of these services, however, have their restrictions. Let’s look at them.

UPS Mail Innovations Service

UPS Mail Innovations Service

A specific shipping service called UPS Mail Innovations offers pick-up, processing, and temporary transportation services, and processing. These locations are listed below, where you can use UPS Mail Innovation Service.

  • Alaska
  • PO Box Addresses
  • US Territories
  • Hawaii
  • Diplomatic Post Office 
  • Fleet Post Office 
  • Army Post Office 

If you intend to deliver packages to Army Post Office (APO) and Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) PO boxes, you may need to complete the CN22 Custom Form. UPS’ Mail Innovation Service collaborates with international and domestic postal services. Therefore, UPS can ship PO boxes internationally and domestically.

UPS SurePost

How UPS SurePost Works

UPS’s cost-effective choice for non-urgent and low-value items is SurePost. Only pick-up is handled by UPS. It collaborates with USPS to deliver final mail. So you can have your package delivered to your PO Box. 

Here is the procedure for SurePost:

  • First, take your package to UPS SurePost
  •  Send a service request to SurePost.
  • Enter the PO Box number or address of the recipient.
  • Allow SurePost to deliver your package to the USPS for delivery.

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Other Ways to Try to Ship to PO Boxes Using UPS

If you’re not interested in using Mail Innovations and SurePost, you can send three other ways to a PO Box. They include

1. With a USPS Street Address, Deliver to PO Boxes

With the help of its PO Box Service and Street Addressing, the USPS makes it possible to deliver to PO Boxes. You can connect your PO Box number to your neighborhood address using this program. When purchasing online, you can use street-style addresses. The same applies to courier services like DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

Below is an example showing how a PO box address differs from a verifiable street address.

PO Box Address Format

  • Peter Hargreaves 
  • 556 Honeycomb Rd
  • PO Box Number 1285
  • Atlanta GA

Street Address Format

  • Ms. Hargreaves 
  • 552 Main Street 
  • Unit 15
  • Atlanta GA 30301

As per US Postal Service, customers that sign a customer agreement are exempt from submitting a change of address form. Once registered, use both address types to send your packages straight to PO boxes.

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2. Rent a UPS Mailbox

If you still need a mailbox, UPS lets you rent one at any of their locations. Also, renting a UPS mailbox for your business is easy. This enables you to receive mail for personal and professional purposes at a postal address other than your home address. 

UPS mailboxes have a real, physical address, in contrast to PO boxes. All shipping companies, including USPS and FedEx, can deliver mail and packages to it.

3. Get Permission from Your Local Post Office to Use Their Address 

If you want your package delivered to your local post office address, you will need permission from the postmaster. You can ask the post office where your PO box is to accept UPS deliveries. 

If the post office allows, you may use your local post office’s neighborhood address for package delivery. Your UPS package will be accepted on your behalf by a postal employee, who will then place it in your mailbox.

Remember to include your specific PO Box number in the message. The Post Office might consent to delivery once or twice, but it’s unlikely that they will do so on a consistent basis. 

Essential Tips for Avoiding Any PO Box Delivery Issues

  • Ask your post office’s management: Before using UPS SurePost or FedEx SmartPost, ask your post office’s manager if they accept the delivery method. 
  • Use a street address instead of a PO Box: As PO Box is government property, most private courier companies won’t deliver to PO Box. But you can convert your PO Box to a street-style address to allow for USPS delivery.
  • Be aware of mailing regulations: Even if you locate a service that will send an item to your PO box, you must confirm the validity of the item. The government owns your PO Box, so all your packages must follow all applicable laws.

What if UPS Holds Your Package?

If UPS holds your package, the company will notify you about it. However, for purchases made internationally, your delivery may occasionally become stuck. But you should be informed about it.

You will need to get in touch with UPS if you still need to get information. Estimated delivery time may occasionally change without any notification. So, always keep a watch on your tracking data to identify such issues as soon as they arise.

How Do You Send a UPS Package Without a PO Box?

Here are the three general processes for shipping your UPS package without a PO Box: 

1. Get Your Package Ready.

Pack your belongings properly. If they are breakable, surround them with protective shells.

2. Make a Shipping Label

To make a shipping label, you are allowed to use the UPS website. Fill out the delivery information and double-check that the phone number and address are valid and correct. 

Get a shipping label for your certain package by paying a fee. If you prefer to avoid creating a shipping label, you can visit a nearby UPS location and ask them to do it for you.

3. Drop off Your Package 

You are free to drop off your specific package at any UPS location. Be sure to bring your indentation (ID) and other documents.

FAQs On UPS PO Boxes Delivery

Can I Use UPS Overnight to PO Box?

No, because UPS Overnight doesn’t deliver packages to PO boxes. But, you are allowed to use UPS Mail Innovations or SurePost to deliver to the PO Box.

Does UPS Deliver to Mailbox?

UPS delivers to privately held mailboxes, such as rented ones.

Does UPS Ground Deliver to PO Boxes?

No, even UPS Ground does not deliver to PO Boxes.

Why Does UPS Deliver to My PO Box Instead of My House?

You will get your packages at your PO Box if you’ve linked your street address to it.

How Do I Know When I Receive a PO Box Delivery?

To know this, you have to register for USPS Informed Delivery service. If there’s anything in your PO Box, it sends you a notification before 10 am.

Can I receive international mail and packages at my PO Box?

Yes, if the mail is via USPS, you can receive it in your PO Box. In the absence of this, street address or courier services should be used.

Can large packages be delivered to a PO Box?

A PO box mailpiece can be at most 108 inches in length and circumference. Packages can only be up to 70 pounds in weight. Large packages can be delivered to a PO Box if they comply with the standards for mailpieces in PO Boxes.


This article gave you complete information about UPS delivery to PO Box. Before trying any method to get your UPS package to your PO Box, ask the post office manager if they will accept your package. 

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