Does USPS deliver on Sundays? 2024 Updates

Does USPS deliver on Sundays? If you often receive regular mail, business mail, or Amazon packages via USPS at home and send different types of mail to different destinations, this question may arise. 

The USPS delivers mail on other days of the week, but do they continue their service on Sundays? Well, we will get answers to all these questions in this article. 

This article will act as a complete guide where you will be able to know what the mail delivery days of USPS are. Is USPS completely closed on Sundays, or are some specific services they provide on Sundays & Saturday?

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Does USPS Deliver on Sundays?

The answer may be yes or maybe no. This is because USPS does not deliver normal mail, such as letters, cards, books, magazines, etc., on Sundays, but they deliver specific packages on Sundays.

Now let’s talk in detail about which packages USPS delivers on Sundays.

Does USPS Deliver Amazon Packages?

Yes, USPS delivers Amazon packages. USPS has a partnership with Amazon and as per the agreement USPS will deliver Amazon’s packages on Sundays. However, if your home is located in a very rural area, you may not get your Amazon package on Sundays. You will get your mail on the next day, i.e., Monday.

Does USPS Deliver Mail and Packages on Sundays?

USPS delivers some special mail and packages on Sundays, but they do not deliver regular mail on Sundays. USPS delivers Priority Mail Express, also known as USPS Overnight, and some Amazon packages on Sundays.

Even though USPS delivers some items on Sundays, you may not receive your regular or general First-Class mail from your local post office on Sundays or weekends. The delivery of that type of mail occurs exclusively on business days.

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What About USPS Priority Delivery on Sunday?

USPS Priority Mail Delivery Map 2023

Yes, according to the US Postal Service, USPS delivers Priority Mail Express on Sundays when applicable. The Priority Mail Express service is available for packages, letters, and envelopes. The maximum package weight can be 70 lbs, and the package size should not exceed 108 inches.

How Do I Know If a Package Will Be Delivered on Sunday?

It depends on where you are shipping the mail from and what the destination of the mail is. USPS mail delivery technically takes 2 to 4 days, depending on factors. So, if you ship your package on Friday, you can expect that your package will reach its destination on Sunday.

Does USPS Deliver First Class Packages on Sunday?

No, the USPS does not offer First Class mail delivery on Sundays. You can only receive First-Class Class mail on USPS business days – Monday to Saturday. You may have seen USPS mail delivery vehicles on the road on Sundays. But, those vehicles usually contains Priority Mail Express and Amazon packages, not first-class mail. 

First-Class mail contains regular mail, such as letters, postcards, bills, small packages, flats, etc., that require stamps. Regular mail does not fall under the emergency mail type.

What About Priority Mail “Express” Delivery on Sunday?

Yes, USPS does deliver the Priority Mail Express Packages and Amazon packages on Sunday. 

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What If Sunday Falls on a National Holiday?

If a Sunday falls on a national holiday, such as New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, or Thanksgiving Day, the US Postal Service will not deliver any packages on that day. They usually don’t deliver mail on national holidays.

Does USPS Deliver Retail Ground Mail on Sundays?

On Sundays, USPS does not deliver retail ground mail. Any mailing material may be used for this form of mail, which is generally used for single-piece mail. It is optional to be sent by First-Class or Priority Mail.  

Gifts and merchandise are typically sent by retail ground mail. The USPS pricing starts at $8.50 for this mailing option, making it the most affordable. Retail Ground Mail reaches its destination in 2 to 5 business days.

What time Does USPS Deliver Mail on Sundays?


What time the USPS will deliver mail on Sundays actually varies depending on the type of mail. Usually, the USPS’s fastest delivery service, Priority Mail Express, delivers by 10:30 am. The latest delivery time for USPS mail on Sundays is 6:30 p.m. 

If someone does not receive their mail within that time limit, they can complain about it. They can claim a refund. However, in the case of Amazon packages, the timing is slightly different. You can get your Amazon package by 9 or 10 pm.

What Kind of Packages Can You Get on Sundays?

Mail delivery decisions on Sundays are made at the local level post office. The local post office decides what packages they will deliver on Sunday and what type they will not deliver. 

However, when the volume of mail is high, the post office can pile up with packages. So, in order to avoid this situation, the post office delivers all types of packages on Sundays, especially during the peak season.

How do I know if USPS package delivery is in my location?

You can learn about it by using the track package. The USPS website offers a special service for tracking USPS packages. You can use the USPS website or app to find out if USPS package delivery is at your location.  

Another option is to make a direct call to -ASK-USPS. By calling, you can get solid information about whether a specific package is delivered in your area or not. You can get all kinds of information related to package delivery.

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Does USPS Charge Extra to Deliver Packages on Sundays?

Will it cost me extra if a package is delivered on Sunday with USPS? USPS mail delivery costs vary by package type and size. However, USPS charges more for Sunday mail delivery. Priority Mail Express usually costs $25.75, but if you want your package to be delivered on Sunday, you will have to pay an additional $12.50. 

So, using Priority Mail Express to receive a package on Sunday will cost you $40 in total.

Why Doesn’t USPS Deliver on Sundays?

USPS Services Delivery Times?

All workplaces in the United States are closed on Sunday, and employees get off work for a day. But as for the USPS, it is open on Sundays. 

They do not deliver regular mail, such as letters, cards, newspapers, bills, etc., which do not require immediate delivery, but they deliver certain packages on Sundays. 

Are Tracking and Insurance Included in USPS Weekend Services?

USPS provides tracking information for all weekend delivery services by default. However, insurance coverage for weekend deliveries is different. There is an automatic coverage of $50 – $100, but you also buy additional insurance at a per-pound rate from US postal service.

Can You Pick Up Your Mail from the Post Office on the Weekend?

Saturday and Sunday are weekends. If Saturday falls on a weekend, there is no problem in receiving mail from the local post office. Most US post office branches open at 9 am on Saturdays and close at exactly 1 pm, and it is very short compared to business hours on other days.

In contrast, if Sunday falls on a weekend, you are not allowed to pick up your mail from the post office because post offices, like other organizations, are closed on Sundays.

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What Days Does the USPS Not Deliver?

The USPS generally does not deliver standard mail on Sundays and federal holidays. Here we present a list of 8 major and significant federal holidays so that you can be sure that your mail will not reach its destination and you will not receive any mail on those holidays.

  • New Year’s Day.
  • President’s Day, (3rd Monday of February)
  • July 4th – Independence Day
  • 3rd Monday of January – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Labor Day, which falls on the 1st Monday of September
  • 11th November – Veterans Day
  • 4th Thursday of November – Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

What Should You Do If You Need Urgent Mail on the Weekend?

If any urgent mail needs to be delivered on the weekend itself, you can contact USPS and request them to deliver your urgent mail. It will depend on USPS whether they can schedule special delivery for you.

If your urgent mail is an Amazon package or Priority Mail Express, you can expect it to be delivered on the weekend. But, for special weekend delivery, you will have to pay extra.

If You Send Two Day Mail on Friday, Will It Be Delivered on Sunday?

For two-day mail delivery, you should go for USPS Priority Mail Express. Priority Mail Express is the service using which if you ship mail on a Friday, your mail will definitely reach its destination within the next two days, i.e., on Sunday.

How to Send an Item Via Priority Mail Express for Sunday Delivery?

Take your item to the post office. The employee of the post office there will get your item ready for delivery on Sunday through Priority Mail Express. If you have a printer, you yourself can get your item ready for shipping and avoid waiting in the queue at the post office. Here are some tips to get your item ready at home:

  • Create a free USPS account at
  • Visit the USPS online store, and place an order for the postal supplies you need for Priority Mail Express.
  • Calculate the shipping cost of your item via Priority Mail Express.
  • Enter your recipient’s address.
  • Select your item type.
  • Enter the item’s details with its value.
  • Accomplish your checkout and print your label Click-N-Ship.
  • Finally, drop off your Priority Mail Express envelope or package at your local post office or any mail drop-off location.


USPS continues to work towards providing better postal service to US citizens. They understand the importance and needs of mail deliveries, and hence, they strive to provide their best services to meet the postal needs of the people. Hope this guide has cleared all your doubts regarding USPS mail delivery on Sundays.

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