USPS-Stamp-Types 2023

32 USPS Stamp Types 2024 That You Need to Know

There are a wide variety of USPS stamp types available for collectors and businesses. This includes commemorative, definitive, and special stamps. Commemorative stamps feature special events or anniversaries, while definitive stamps are designed for general use. Special stamps include those for postage due or overprints.

USPS Stamp Types In 2023

There are many different types of USPS stamps that you can use in 2023. Each type of stamp has a different purpose, so it is important to choose the right type of stamp for your needs. Here is a guide to the different types of USPS stamps that are available:

Airmail Stamp: You can make payment of animal services with this postage.

Booklet Stamp: These postage are produced and also issues only in booklet format. The makers make these in booklet formats only. You can also buy them in this format only.

Carriers Stamp: You can use these postage when you want to deliver a mail directly.

Certified mail: This kind of mailing provides a mailing proof to send in a receipt form.

Coil Stamps-tear-off Stamps: A vending machine issues these postage .

Commemorative Stamp: Available only for a limited time, these postage honor a particular person.

Computer vended postage: These are advanced and secure postage. These postage belong to the advanced and secure category.

Definitive Stamps: These postage are for everyday use.

Express mail: These are specialized postage for delivery. If you are looking for specialized stamps for delivery, these are great choices.

Local Post: You can use these postage to send a local post.

Make up stamp: These postage are of small value and they make a real difference when postage stamp rates increase.

Military Stamp: Special postal systems use these postage for military force of a nation.

Mini sheet: These are commemorative postage and consist of different number of postage .

Newspaper stamp: You can use this stamp to pay the price of mailing newspapers and other periodicals.

Official mail Stamp: Governments of countries issue these postage for government agencies.

Occupation stamp: Civilians can use these postage .

Non-denominated postage: The price of these postage remains the same even if the price of postage stamp increases.

Overprint Stamp: Regular stamp is usually commemorative stamp or definitive when these are changed by ‘printing over’ portion of the stamp after getting issued.When you print over a portion of a commemorative or definite stamp, after it is issue, it becomes a regular stamp.

Perforated Stamp: Perforated postage are those postage that have perforations, called perfins, around them.

Personalized Stamps: Senders choose the design of these postage. They can also add their favorite pictures on these stamps to personalize them.

Pneumatic Stamps: You can use these postage to send items that use pressurized air tubes. Currently, only Italy makes these stamps.

Postage Currency: You can use these as currency instead of postage.

Postage due: These postage show unpaid postage charges.

Postal tax: You can use these postage to show that you have done the payment of tax above the postage rates.

Self-adhesive Stamps: These postage are self-sticking.

Semi-postal: You need to pay extra charges for a charity , when you use semi-postal postage or charity postage.

Souvenir Sheet: These postage contain perforated or imperforated stamps as their designs.

Specimen Stamp: You can send these postage to postal officials to identify if the postage are valid or forged.

Test Stamp: You can use these postage for scanning and machine-testing purposes.

Variable value stamps: The price of these postage varies, when different machines issue them.

War tax stamps: These are tax postage which provide the money of the cost of war.

Water activated stamp: Moisture helps to stick these postage on the letters or parcels.


There are many different types of USPS stamps available, and it can be difficult to decide which ones to purchase. However, by considering the different options and fees associated with each type of stamp, you can make an informed decision about which stamps will best suit your needs. In addition, by keeping an eye on future changes to the USPS stamp program, you can be sure to always have the latest and greatest stamps available to you.

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