How Much Is A Book Of Stamps in 2024? Complete Guide

In 2024, the retail price of a book containing 20 USPS Forever Stamps is $13.20. Typically, each book consists of 20 stamps. However, it’s important to know that some booklets or panes of stamps may contain 18 or 16 stamps instead, which can impact the total cost accordingly.

Book TypePrice in 2024
Book of Forever Stamps$13.20
Book of Global Forever stamp$15.00
Book of Postcard Stamps$10.20
How Much Is A Book Of Stamps?

Stamps labeled with the word “Forever” at bottom, hold a value equivalent to the First-Class Letter rate. In July 2023, this price is $0.66 per postage stamp. Therefore, a book containing 18 stamps would cost $11.88, while a pane of 16 stamps would cost $10.56.

Can I Get Stamps Cheaper Than From the USPS?

Yes, there are alternative ways to obtain stamps at potentially lower costs compared to purchasing them directly from the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can find a detailed guide on the cheapest places to buy stamps here.

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Other Types of USPS Stamps

Apart from “Forever stamps”, the USPS Post Office issues stamps with different denominations, each serving a specific purpose. As a result, not all books of stamps carry the same postage rates. Some stamps may bear labels such as “Additional Ounce”, “Postcard”, “Global”, “Two cent,” or “Three cents,” indicating their respective values and corresponding retail prices.

Where to Buy A Book Of Stamps?

You have the option to buy a book of stamps from any USPS Post Office. Additionally, you can conveniently buy them online through the USPS website. There are also various retail stores and pharmacies where you may find postage stamps available for sale. The list includes:

History of United States Book of Stamps Prices

The first Forever stamp was unveiled in 2007, displaying an image of the Liberty Bell alongside the word “Forever.” These stamps were initially offered in booklets comprising 20 stamps. Additionally, booklets containing 18 stamps and coil rolls were also made available to the public.

the Liberty Bell forever stamp

The introduction of Forever stamps by the Post Office aimed to provide consumers with reassurance that their purchased postage stamps would remain valid even as postage rates increased annually. During the initial release, the First-Class Letter rate stood at $0.41, meaning a book of 20 stamps was priced at $8.20.

Before the introduction of Forever stamps, the stamps sold in books displayed the denomination of the First-Class Letter rate. The retail price of these books varied depending on the number of stamps they contained and their corresponding rate. Typically, most books consisted of either 10 or 20 stamps.

To provide an example, during the year 1981, the rate for stamps was $0.18 per stamp. Therefore, the retail price for a book comprising 20 stamps would have amounted to just $3.60.

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