How Many Stamps Are In a Book 2023 & How Much It Cost?

How many numbers of stamps are present in a book of stamps? Many people who are willing to buy stamps for their personal or professional use come up on this question usually.

Generally, there are 20 stamps available in a book of stamp, regardless of the class. 

How much is a Book of Stamps Today?

As of the July 2023 Postage rate update, the price of a book of stamps is now $13.20. However, there are a few places where you can buy stamps on cheap. Of course, Post office is not that place 😉 I have cover the complete list in my post here: Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides The Post Office? Go check it out.

From 9th July 2023, USPS has increased the price of First class stamp by 3 cents and now a First-class Forever stamp costs $0.66. The retail price for a roll of 100 USPS Forever stamps cost $66.00

Book TypePrice in 2023
Book of Forever Stamps$13.20
Book of Global Forever stamp$15.00
Book of Postcard Stamps$10.20

You can buy a stamp booklet from many options, determining the actual price you need to pay. These options could be:

  • The discounts that different post offices offer when you buy stamp booklets
  • Offline retail outlets
  • Online retail sites that offer excellent discounts, when you buy stamp booklets
How Many Stamps Are In a Book & How Much It Cost?

Choosing an online retail site can help you save a lot of money on stamp booklets. The good thing is that shopkeepers don’t charge you anything extra for stamp booklets. You will only need to pay the exact price marked on the booklet. 

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Prior to 2021, the rate of a first-class or forever postage stamp was fixed at $0.58. Post January 2023, this price was increased to $0.63 and now in July 2023 the price of First class forever stamp has increase again by 0.03 cents. So, please take note of this price increase when you stamp booklets from post offices, offline or online retail stores. 

How Many Stamps in a Forever Stamp Book?

The Forever Stamps have been named thus, because their price doesn’t increase or decrease anytime. You will not get them at a lower rate, even when you buy them online. Their prices are the same as before. The best benefit you can enjoy from Forever Stamps is that you can use them anytime you want, at the same cost at which you purchased them. The booklet of Forever Stamps doesn’t come with an expiry date.

In 2023, the price of a forever stamp is $0.66, a slight increase of $0.03 compared to price before January 2023. In July 2023, the cost of the booklet of Forever Stamps, which contained 20 stamps, was 20 * $0.66=$13.20.

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How Many Stamps in a Collectible Stamp Book?

The USPS releases a hardbound book every year called the “Collectible Stamp Yearbook”. In this book, you will find all of the collectible stamps from that particular time in history.

In 2018, there were 81 stamps in the Collectible Stamp Yearbook. However, there were 72 stamps in the 64-page 2019 Collectible Stamp Yearbook.

There is no guarantee as to how many stamps you will receive in yearbooks. Although stamp collectors can rest assured that all of the special designs released in that 12-month period will be included in the latest yearbook.

Can I Get Stamps Cheaper Than From the USPS?

You will be thrilled to know that you can buy first-class stamp booklets at a price less than the face value of what you can buy from USPS. If you are open to shop from the official site of USPS, you can enjoy discounts. You can enjoy discounts on specific designs all through the year.

Apart from this, you can also shop from to get some attractive discounts on the face value of first-class postage stamps. Though deals are rare here, you can keep looking for attractive promo deals & offers here.

When talking about online sites, can Amazon and eBay be left far behind? These sites offer good discounts on first-class stamps. However, the key is to keep looking regularly, because the offers may be few and far between.

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How much is a 100 roll of stamps?

1 roll of 100 USPS Forever Stamps was priced at $63.  According to the US Flag Coil, a coil contained 100 stamps. Read the detailed guide on How Many Stamps in a Roll 2023 & How Much It Cost?

Book of Postage Stamps Cost in Amazon

While talking about online sites from where you can buy stamp booklets, Amazon is the first name that would come to your mind.

Here, fresh and new stamp booklets are available at good rates. You can get good designs of stamps online. At any point, you can be sure that the price of stamp booklets can never go beyond the actual price, when you buy from Amazon.

Amazon is one of the best bets for you, if you want to pay far less than the actual price of the stamps in the market.

Book of Postage Stamps Cost in USPS

You can buy different designs of stamps from the official website of the US Postal Service – USPS. Regardless of the type, design and theme of stamp you want, you can find the same on the site of USPS at the current market rate.

If you are looking for unique or personalized stamps, USPS is the right place for the same. The stamps are neatly categorized based on color, theme, size, shape, etc. A first-class postage stamp can be purchased from USPS at $0.66.

Similarly, you can also get the latest market rates of the booklets of all other stamps as well.

Stamp Book Costs in Walmart

Walmart is a great place to visit if you want to buy all kinds and themes of stamps without visiting the post office. The price of a booklet of stamps depends on the design of the stamps you buy, and the number of stamps you buy. Usually, a stamp booklet contains 20 stamps.

So, if you choose that kind of booklet, you need to pay the price of those 20 stamps. They also quickly deliver postcards and other postal services at your address, as they are open for service 24/7.

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Stamp Book Cost in Post office

Are you worried about not finding your choice of stamp booklets at online and offline retail stores? Don’t worry; the post offices won’t disappoint you at all, in this regard. You can be sure of finding any type and theme of postage stamps that you want at these post offices.

You can know the current market rate of all types of postage stamps, when you buy them from the post offices in your vicinity. 

At the post offices, the cost of stamps and stamp booklets are similar to what you would find at USPS. A forever stamp costs $0.66 here. This means, you would have to pay $13.20 for a Forever Stamps booklet that contains 20 stamps.

This is the exact rate you would have paid if you had bought the stamps from USPS.

What is the cost of a Stamp Book in NC?

A stamp booklet offered by the USPS contains 20 stamps. In 2014. The delivery charges of this booklet went up by 49%. These charges worked to around $8.90. If you don’t want to pay delivery charges, you can buy this booklet directly from USPS.

Stores like Walmart, too, offer stamp booklets for their customers. However, you might have to pay the actual price of the booklet along with the shipping charges, when you buy from here. While there is no necessity that you have to shop from USPS stores only, you can shop from lots of designs and themes when you shop from here. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any shipping charges for the same.  

Currently, USPS offers 60 different themes and designs of stamps for you to choose from. These include dates of important events, historical events, etc. An attractive feature of this booklet is that you can use these stamps as Forever Stamps, whenever you want. This way, even if there are price increase in the future, you don’t have to worry about paying the increased charges.

How Much is a Stamp Book in California?

Here is the latest information about the price of a stamp booklet in Ohio, for your reference:

  • Currently, the rate of first class stamps has increased to $0.66 at all the post offices. However, this price holds good for one-ounce letters. For heavier letters, you have to pay $0.24 for every additional ounce.
  • The online postage charges you have to pay for one-ounce letters are now $0.57 at, a tad expensive than the earlier rate of $0.53. For every additional ounce, you need to pay $0.24.
  • For postcards, the postage rates will continue to increase at the rate of $0.51.

When using stamps for your mails, please ensure that you check the letters’ weight. For every additional ounce, you have to pay additional charges.


We hope you have all the information you need about the charges stamp booklets at various associations, online stores like Amazon, offline stores like eBay post offices, and USPS’s official website. We have also tried our best to give you the charges of postage stamps in various locations like California.

Next time, when you step out to buy a booklet of stamps, we are sure that you would know all the basic information you need to know to avoid being exploited and paying more than the actual rate of the stamps booklet. It is very important to know the actual rate, so that you can watch out for exciting deals online while buying these booklets from Amazon, eBay and other online shopping sites.


How Much is a Book of Stamps 2023

In 2023 the price of a 1 oz First Class Forever Stamp is $0.66. The price has increased by three-cent from 9 July 2023.

How many stamps are in a roll of stamps?

There are 100 stamps on a roll of First-Class Mail stamps. The price of a roll of stamp in 2023 is $66

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    1. As I have mentioned in my post the First class stamps price increased by 0.03 cents and now the price of 1 ounce First class postage stamps is 0.66 cents. If you want to buy a book of stamps then the price at USPS post office is $13.20.

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    1. Myles, After 12th July 2022, the USPS has increased the price of Forever stamp. Now the a single Forever stamp cost 60 cent and a book of stamps now cost 12 USD.

    1. Updated 2023 – Nylah the cost of USPS stamps are same in every state. The price of a USPS First Class stamp is $0.63 and a book of stamps contains 20 stamps to the final price will be 0.63*20 = $12.60 in 2023.

    1. Hello Leo,
      It actually doesn’t matter from where you buy. There are about 20 stamps available in a booklet of stamps, regardless of the class.

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