Does Publix Sell Stamps? (2024 Update)

When it comes to sending mail, one of the most important things to have on hand is postage stamps. They may seem like a small detail, but they’re essential to getting your letters and packages where they need to go.

And when it comes to buying stamps, many people wonder if their local supermarket carries them.

In this blog post, we’ll know whether or not Publix, one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States, sells stamps.

Does Publix Sell Stamps In 2023?

Yes, every Publix grocery store sells First-Class Forever stamps in 2023.

You can purchase a booklet of 20 First-Class Forever stamps at the checkout store’s counter. The stamps only come in booklet form, and they cost $12.60. The USPS flag design Forever stamp is frequently used for stamps.

The process of buying postage stamps is very simple. At a specific counter in a Publix store, you can make your purchase—no need to spend much time picking a booklet of stamps.

Does Publix Sell Single Stamps?

Does Publix Sell Stamps 2023

Unfortunately not. Publix stores do not offer single stamps. If you want to buy stamps from Publix, you will need to buy a booklet of stamps – a set of 20 stamps. If you need only one stamp, you must go to your nearby post office and buy from there.

This one might be inconvenient because sometimes you need one stamp. However, it is good to store stamps at home so that you don’t have to visit the store every time you need a stamp.

Which Stamps are Available at Publix?

Publix usually sells USPS Forever stamps that feature the flag design. This is the only stamp design you will find at Publix stores. Nevertheless, some Publix grocery stores may have other designs of stamps available.

But, if you want a variety of stamp designs, go to the post office. Because there is no certainty that the Publix store where you are going to buy stamps, you will get various options of stamps there.

How Much Does a Booklet of Stamps Cost at Publix?

At Publix, a booklet of stamps sells for $12.60, totaling 20 USPS Forever stamps. Each stamp costs $0.63.

When there is an increase in the price of stamps in the USA, the stamp cost in Publix may increase. This is because the USPS raises rates for its stamps periodically.

Do All Publix Locations Sell Stamps?

Stamps are sold at all Publix locations in the country of the USA. Publix saves people time as you don’t need to spend time buying stamps separately. You can buy stamps whenever you visit a Publix store for your shopping purpose.

Where Can I Get Stamps at a Publix Store?

The Publix grocery stores have a dedicated customer service counter for selling stamps. Usually, it is on the store’s front side; however, not every Publix will have the same precise placement for the customer service counter.

A sign that reads “Stamps Sold Here” may also be located at the counter so that you can identify the stamp-selling counter. You can also feel free to ask a store employee for assistance if you need it to find out where to buy stamps.

When Can You Buy Stamps at Publix?

Publix grocery stores are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Hence, you can buy stamps at any time from the store’s customer service counter within the extended period of time mentioned.

Does Publix Sell Stamps Online?

No, Publix does not offer the advantage of purchasing stamps online. It only sells stamps offline. So, you will need to visit the Publix store to buy your required stamps.

Does Publix Stamp Expire?

Publix sells USPS Forever stamps, and USPS Forever stamps never expire. So, if you buy a set of Forever stamps from Publix, use 2/3 of the stamps and keep them at home, they will never expire.

How to Fund a Publix Location?

Seven southeastern U.S. states have Publix grocery stores. The practical Publix store locator makes discovering the closest Publix location easy. Go on the Publix store locator page, enter your zip code and city, and hit search. The locator will give you a map and a list of nearby stores with all the store’s information.

What are the Opening Hours of Publix Grocery Stores?

The normal opening hours for Publix stores are between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. However, some stores may vary slightly in their opening hours. It would be a good idea to check the opening hours of each Publix location.


Choose Publix grocery stores to purchase Forever stamps that are open for extended hours, seven days a week. You can easily buy stamps from any Publix location without any hassle and meet your postage stamp needs.

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