Does Safeway Sell Stamps in 2023

Does Safeway Sell Stamps Today? (Price, Canada, Single Stamp)

Today, many supermarket chains have a partnership with the USPS, and they sell USPS stamps. So, when you go to the Safeway supermarket for grocery shopping or anything else, you can look for the stamps in the store. But does Safeway sell stamps?  

Safeway, Inc. is a leading American supermarket chain with over 1,600 stores in the United States and Canada. In this article, we will explore the answer to whether you can buy stamps from the Safeway store! Keep reading!

Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

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Yes, Safeway sells stamps. USPS stamps are sold at all Safeway stores in Canada and the United States. Safeway is authorized to sell USPS stamps. They sell booklets containing 20 stamps. The store is open every day, i.e., seven days a week. So, you can buy stamps from your nearest Safeway store any time during their business hours.

Added benefits of purchasing stamps at Safeway stores:

  • If you have a Safeway membership card, and you buy stamps at Safeway stores using the membership card, the cost of the stamps may be cheaper. You will get a grocery discount at Safeway when you buy groceries with your membership card.
  • Scales are installed in the produce section of Safeway stores for an enhanced customer experience. So, you can use those scales to weigh your letters or packages. This benefit is that you can be sure of how much postage you will need for that particular letter or package.

Does Safeway Sell Individual Stamps?

No, Safeway doesn’t sell individual stamps. There isn’t a post office kiosk inside any of Safeway’s stores, and hence, Safeway is only permitted to sell stamp booklets. Most chain retailers only sell booklets of stamps – not individual stamps. 

What Stamps Does Safeway Sell?

Safeway sells USPS Forever stamps that never expire. They have a stock of Forever stamps. You can buy booklets of stamps from the Safeway supermarket and store them at home. You can use those stamps anytime. 

Even though the value of Forever stamps will increase later, as the USPS periodically increases their postage rates, you can still use your old value stamps to mail letters or packages. Buying a sheet of 20 stamps is cheaper than buying a single stamp from the post office.

How Much Are Stamps Sold at Safeway in Canada?

In Canada, Safeway stores offer booklets containing 20 stamps for about $18.40. Each stamp costs $0.92. It is cheaper than buying individual stamps at the post office, where a single stamp costs $1.07.

Safeway sells Forever Stamp booklets. And like regular stamps, Forever stamps don’t need to be used within a limited period. Because Forever stamps never lose their value.

How Much Are Stamps Sold at Safeway in the USA?

In the USA, a single Forever stamp currently sells for $0.63. So, buying a booklet of 20 stamps at Safeway stores will cost about $12.60.  

Where Can I Find Stamps at Safeway?

To buy stamps at Safeway, you must request them at the customer service desk or reception in-store. They will provide you with stamps. Safeway usually sells booklets of 20 stamps. If you require more than one booklet of Forever stamps, you can request it. 

Do All Safeway Stores Sell Stamps?

Yes, all Safeway stores in the United States and Canada sell booklets of Forever stamps. In addition to Safeway stores, some Safeway gas stations also sell USPS Forever stamps. So, when you go to the Safeway gas station to fill the gasoline in your vehicle, you can also purchase the stamp.

Does Safeway Sell Stamps Online?

Unfortunately, Safeway does not sell stamps online. Currently, they only offer stamps offline. Stamps are available at all Safeway locations. If you want the convenience of online stamp shopping, you can choose websites or online stores that sell stamps, such as eBay and Amazon.

Advantages of Buying Stamps at Safeway

More Safeway Locations

With over 1,300 locations across the United States, Safeway is one of the largest retail chain stores in the United States. Additionally, Safeway has international locations, including Canada, England, Mexico, Australia, and Germany.

As Safeway stores are spread across the United States, there is bound to be one store close to where you live. More than 250,000 people work in Safeway company, which reflects their business success as well as the ability to pull a large workforce.

Moreover, Safeway operates a number of subsidiary companies, including Carrs-Safeway, Pavilions, Pak’nSave, Vons, and Randalls.

Extended Business Hours 

Safeway’s extended business hours are convenient for full-time employees and business persons who need help shopping at a store that provides limited business hours, like the post office.

Although the post office is an ideal place for stamps and other postage supplies, the post office has limited working hours. And within these limited working hours, it is only possible for some to visit the post office to meet their postage needs. 

In contrast, Safeway has extended business hours, ensuring a better shopping experience.

Open on Sundays

Safeway stores are open every day, including Sundays, and this is a convenience you won’t find at post offices. Many people have free time only on weekends in their busy schedules. Hence, doing other purchases, including stamps, is very comfortable for them on Sundays.


We often have to go to the supermarket like Safeway for grocery shopping. So, at that time, we could collect some stamps along with other items. We can avoid a separate post office trip for just one stamp.

Parking Facility 

Safeway provides large parking lots, which is an added convenience for customers. So, you won’t have to struggle to park your vehicle when shopping at Safeway stores.

What Else Can You Purchase at Safeway?

Apart from Forever stamps, you can purchase other postage accessories, such as different types of envelopes, pens, packing tape, papers, and so on. You will get all supplies that are required for sending your letter or packages. 

Safeway is a supermarket that offers grocery, dairy, and bakery items, frozen food, snack food, beverage, and more.

Which Other Grocery Stores Sell Stamps?

Many grocery stores, gas stations, and drug stores in the United States sell USPS stamps. Stores with post office divisions sell various stamps and shipping packages, and other stores sell exclusively only Forever stamp booklets and other postal supplies.

Stores with Post office stamps Include: 

Retail Chain Stores Include:

FAQs On Safeway

Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

Yes, you can purchase a booklet of 20 Forever stamps at any Safeway location.

Does Safeway Sell Individual Stamps?

No, Safeway stores don’t offer individual or single stamps. If you choose Safeway to purchase, you are bound to buy a booklet of 20 Forever stamps.

What kind of stamps does Safeway sell?

Safeway only sells USPS First-Class forever stamps that will always be valid. 


20-stamp booklets of Forever Stamps are available at every Safeway location. Safeway offers stamps at their store reception desks as well as at Safeway gas stations. You can buy stamps at Safeway stores or Safeway gas stations – whichever is closest to your home. 

If you have a Safeway membership, you may receive special offers or discounts on purchases at Safeway stores.

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