Does Dollar General Sell Stamps? 2024 Updates

Dollar General Corporation is a well-known American retail chain with various stores. You will find everything you need in your everyday life at Dollar General stores, including food products, beverages, beauty products, and other household accessories. 

But does Dollar General sell stamps?  This question is arising because many retail chain stores sell stamps. So, if Dollar General sells stamps too, people can buy stamps along with other items whenever they visit any Dollar General store. This article will explore whether Dollar General sells stamps. Let’s get started!

Does Dollar General Sell Stamps?

No, the Dollar General retail chain store does not sell any USPS stamps. However, you can buy other mailing supplies, such as envelopes, paper, packing tape, and so on, from Dollar General stores. 

In addition, most stores offer FedEx drop-off and pick-up service facilities in order to provide more convenience to customers. 

Why Doesn’t Dollar General Sell Stamps?

Does Dollar General Sell Stamps in 2023

Now, we will explore why Dollar General doesn’t sell stamps. The main reason is that Dollar General does not have a partnership with the USPS. 

On the other hand, the US Postal Service is a government-run organization, so USPS doesn’t have a partnership with a non-government company such as Dollar General.

Dollar General has partnerships with major shipping companies such as DoorDash and FedEx. And that’s why it can offer DoorDash and FedEx services in its retail stores. 

Does Dollar General Sell Postage Accessories?

Yes, Dollar General sells postage accessories for as little as $1 to $5, The company also offers mail accessories, such as papers, pens, standard envelopes, tape dispensers, padded envelopes, packing tape, and poly-mailers.

Moreover, small cardboard boxes that cost about $2 are sold at Dollar General stores. You can use them for gift postage. You can buy a roll of bubble wrap measuring 12 inches × 27 feet at a store for about $5.

What Else Can You Purchase at Dollar General Stores?

In addition to mail accessories, Dollar General sells everything practically at very affordable prices. The stores sell food, beverages, electronics, toys, cosmetics, household goods, etc.

Every essential thing is available at Dollar General stores. If you need help finding what you’re looking for, you can search for it at another Dollar General store, where it’s likely to be found. More than 19,000 Dollars in general destinations are available in the USA.

Where Else I Can Buy Stamps? 

Contrary to Dollar General, many other retailers sell stamps. You can buy the stamps either at the retailers’ physical stores or online at their websites. Those retailers include:

Which is the Cheapest Place to Purchase Stamps?

eBay is considered the best website for attractive stamp deals, where you can save up to 25% to 30% on buying stamps. Stamps are usually sold on eBay in bulk packs of 100 or 200.

If we compare the price, a USPS Forever stamp is the same price as a USPS First-Class stamp which costs $0.63 currently. You can buy Forever stamps at USPS for the same price. The USPS sells a booklet of 20 forever stamps for around $12.

Read my detailed article on Cheapest Place To Buy stamps to Save Money on Stamps.

How to Find a Dollar General Store Near You?

The straightforward way to find a nearby Dollar General store is to visit the company’s official website and use the store locator tool. You don’t need to do much. Type your zip code or state name in the search box, then press Enter.

The locator tool automatically locates all Dollar General stores near you. You can choose any store for shopping. Google Maps will also help you to locate Dollar General stores near you.

History of Dollar General

Dollar General was established in 1939 in the United States. It was initially called J. L., a family-owned business. In 1955, the J. L. name was changed to Dollar General, and the first retail store with the Dollar General name opened.

In 1968, Dollar General turned into a public corporation. It is listed on the stock market. Today, Dollar General is considered one of the most famous retail chains in the USA.


Although, unfortunately, you can’t buy USPS postage stamps at Dollar General stores, you can buy a variety of items at the stores. Postal supplies are available in stores. Additionally, you can take advantage of FedEx drop-off and pick-up services at several Dollar General stores.

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