How Many Stamps Do I Need for 3 Oz Letter? (2024 Updates)

Any national or international mail has a different value or feel. International mail costs a lot more than domestic mail. Mailing a simple gift using appealing Forever Stamps to your loved one is a different level of pleasure.

Sending mail can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to determining how many stamps you need for a 3-ounce letter. 

As you know, we must put stamps on whenever you intend to send a letter, official documents, invitation cards, small books, or any other such things in a Bubble mailer or a beautiful Manila envelope. 

Of course, the answer would be straightforward; however, the shipping cost of any mail is determined on the basis of many factors, such as the size & shape of the item and the specific destination you are mailing to.

Understanding the postage required can be a challenge, but it’s an important step in ensuring your mail arrives at its destination on time and in good condition.

Well, this article will be a resource for you to know the shipping cost of your 3 oz letter and also the exact number of stamps you will need to use for your letter in order to cover that shipping cost.

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How Many Stamps Do You Need for Your 3 Ounces Packages at USPS In 2023?

In 2023, a 3-ounce letter requires you to spend $1.11 in postage, and you’ll need to use 1 Forever Stamp ($0.63) plus 2 additional ounce stamps ($0.24 each). On the other hand, mailing the larger, 3-ounce envelopes requires one Forever Stamp and one 3-ounce Stamp and will cost $1.71

Besides, it will cost you $5.04 to send a small package that weighs 3 ounces. On the package, you have to put 8 Forever Stamps.

In the next section of our article, you will find more information on postage costs for 3 oz letters. If you need clarification about the shipping cost and the number of stamps used for 3 oz letter sending, reading the following parts of the article will clear that up.

How Many Stamps Do You Need for Your 3 Ounces Envelope?

Stamps you need to use for a 3 Oz letter

According to the 2023 postage rates, a standard-sized envelope weighing between 2.1 and 3.0 ounces will require $1.11.

You can use two different methods to pay this postage. The two methods include: 

  • Using a 3-ounce Stamp that costs $1.11
  • Using one domestic Forever Stamp with 2 additional-ounce Stamps, the total cost would be the same $1.11

As per USPS requirements, letters that are rectangular-shaped and fit the following dimensions are considered standard size:

  • Minimum: height 3 ½ inches, length x 5 inches, and thickness x 0.007 inch
  • Maximum: Height 6 ⅛ inches, length x 11 ½ inches, and thickness x ¼ inch 

How Many Forever Stamps Do You Need for a 3-Ounce Letter?

Similar to regular Forever Stamps, USPS’s 3-ounce stamps will always be applicable for covering the 3-ounce mail’s postage. Even if there is any change in postal rates in the future, it will not matter.

A 3-ounce letter may always be mailed using a single 3-ounce stamp. If no 3-ounce stamps are available in order to cover the postage of your 3-ounce letter, you must use a single “regular” Forever Stamp plus two additional-ounce stamps.

You might ship a 3-ounce letter using 2 Forever Stamps. But this is optional, and we would not like to suggest you choose this alternative because you will have to spend some extra money on this method. 

How Much Postage Do You Need for a 3-Ounce Flat?

USPS has different rules. They categorize flats or large flat envelopes separately from small envelopes and value ​​them differently.

Below are the USPS’ requirements for defining flats envelopes

  • The thickness of a rectangular mail should not exceed ¾ inch.
  • Length should not exceed 15 inches.
  • Weight must be less than 13 oz.
  • Flats should be flexible.
  • It should be evenly thick.
  • Flats must have four square corners.

In 2021, the USPS used to charge $1.56 for a 3-ounce flat envelope, but that increases to $1.71 in 2022 (source).

You have a few options for paying this postage:

  • Using a 3-ounce stamp with a Forever Stamp. The total cost would be $1.71
  • Using a 3-ounce stamp with 3 additional-ounce stamps. The total cost would be $1.89.
  • Using 3 Forever Stamps. The total cost would be $1.89.

How Many Stamps Do You Need for a 3-Ounce Manila Envelope?


If you want to know how much stamps you need for a Manila envelope, look at the size of your envelope and weigh its weight! Because the USPS sets the postage on the basis of two things of the Manila envelope – size and weight.

Manila envelopes considered standard size are 9 inches × 12 inches in dimension. Hence, the USPS classifies and prices them as large envelopes or flats. As of 2023, 3-ounce Manila envelopes will cost $1.71 to ship. 

Here, we would not recommend the use of postage stamps while using Manila envelopes for legal or commercial purposes. You should bring your envelope to your local post office and ask a post office employee to print your postage. This type of postage is also known as metered postage. 

Metered postage is a better solution for getting your envelopes delivered faster. Additionally, it makes sure that you only pay for your mail and nothing else.

How Many Stamps Do You Need for a 3-Ounce Bubble Mailer?

How to Address a Bubble Mailer

For bubble mailers like the Manila Envelope, the USPS bases the postage cost on the size and weight of the bubble mailer. A bubble mailer costs the same as other large envelopes or flats if it is less than 34 inches thick. The USPS qualifies it as a package and assesses a different fee if it is thicker than that.

On the other hand, 3-ounce bubble mailers that satisfy the requirements to be regarded as flat should cost around $1.71. Moreover, it will be required to pay the First-Class package charge, which is now $4.80, for 3-ounce Bubble mailers thicker than 34 inches.

You can use stamps to pay for your Bubble mailer package in three different ways: 

  • Using a single $5 definitive stamp that costs $5.00. 
  • Using Two $2 definitive stamps with a single Forever Stamp. The total cost would be $4.58.
  • Using 8 Forever Stamps that costs $5.04.

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Although you can use stamps for your Bubble mailer and get it delivered to its destination, we still wouldn’t recommend it. This is due to the potential that you will spend too little or too much on the mailer.

The best course of action is to take your Bubble mailer to the post office in your area and have the clerk print metered postage for it. You will get all kinds of help at the post office. You can find detailed USPS guidelines for shipping Bubble mailers to destinations at the Post Office.

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So, the size of your envelope affects the amount of postage you pay. You’ll generally spend $1.11 for the smaller 3-ounce envelopes. On the other hand, your starting pricing for big envelopes and flats is $1.71. You’ll pay $5.04 if you choose the thicker Bubble mailer. 

Hopefully, our article proved helpful to you, and you better understand how much postage and stamps you’ll need to use to ship your 3 Oz letters.

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