What are Forever Stamps & How Much is a Forever Stamp?

Forever Stamps are non-denomination stamps that result in a lot of cost and time savings for customers.

In the event of price changes in First Class Stamps, these Forever stamps remain unaffected, as they are always equal to the price of a one-ounce First-Class Mails.

Today in July 2023, The price of Forever Stamp is $0.66. A book of Forever stamps which contains 20 first class forever stamps cost $13.20.

Stamps issued for commemorative purposes are always forever stamps.

Commemorative stamps honor famous personalities from various fields, significant monuments, natural wonders and more.

When you visit the Postal Store, you will find many varieties of Forever Stamps on sale. Here, we give you some more information about Forever Stamps.


Forever StampThe main goal of Forever Stamps, introduced in 2007, was to be used as the standard postage for all one-ounce letters at any time, despite the price changes. People, who bought stamps in bulk, or didn’t mail often, faced many issues while sending mails.

This is because the price of First Class Stamps increased 14 times in the two decades between 1980 and 2010. So, whenever they wanted to send shipments, people were worried that they had to buy an additional one or two-cent stamps to cover the postage charges.

Forever postage Stamps are a great solution to get rid of this problem. Its value remains the same as that of the current value of first-class stamps. So, you can use them on standard one-ounce letters to be sent to domestic destinations. You can forever stamp on international shipments as well, but you need to add to pay the extra postage charges that apply for overseas shipments. Also, forever stamps work well for one-ounce letters. If the size exceeds this limit, you need to pay additional charges.

Sometimes, you can use Forever Postage Stamps for certain designated purposes. Whichever purpose the stamps are intended for, it is printed on them clearly. Some of these purposes include the following:

  • For sending an additional ounce of weight – You can use Stamps printed with “Additional Ounce.”
  • For sending non-machinable, irregular envelopes – You can use Forever Stamps printed with “Non-Machinable Surcharge.”
  • For sending standard postcards, you can use standard postcards with the words, “Postcards” printed on it. For this purpose, you can also use standard Forever postage Stamps that are not designated for other purposes. However, that will not allow you to enjoy the price difference in the letter stamps and postcard stamps. We recommend investing in many stamps, even if you don’t intend to send postcards often. These stamps can save you a lot of money in the coming years.

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Global Forever Stamps

Global Forever StampsCurrently, with the release of Global Forever Stamps, international shipments have become easier. They do the same work as that of the domestic first-class stamps, but for international delivery. How do you differentiate the Global Forever Stamps from the First Class Domestic Forever Stamps?

You can find the words, “Global” and “Forever” written on Global Forever Stamps. These also have a circular border. The value of these stamps remains the same regardless of the year of their issue. You will find a picture of the Moon, in the recent release of the 2016 Global Forever Stamp.

The value of Global Forever postage Stamps remains the same as the price of the First Class Mail International one-ounce letters on the day of mailing. The dates of purchase of the stamps, the price increases in the past and the price increases in the future don’t affect this value at all.

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You can use Global Forever Stamps for mailing postcards or one-ounce letters to any destination in the world. You can also use them for international or domestic single-piece mail pieces.

You cannot use these stamps to cover the postage charges for non-machinable envelopes. You can identify these stamps easily, as they have the words, “Global” and “Forever” printed on them,

You can use these stamps to cover the postage for a maximum of 2-ounce letters, if the destination country is Canada. For other countries, you should use additional ounce stamps, up to a maximum of 3.5 ounces.

You cannot use US postage stamps in other countries. Always use only the stamps that are allowed in the country from where the shipment is being sent.

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Worth of Forever Stamps

You may not find a number printed on the Forever Stamps to denote their value. Nevertheless, their value is the same as the value of first-class stamps on any given day. You can click on this link, if you want to know the current rates of these stamps.

What this means for you, as the sender is that, you can use Forever postage Stamps to send first-class envelopes any time of the year, without worrying about their current rate.

Understanding How These Works

Forever Stamps are quite user-friendly. Buy them at the rate of first-class stamps today, and stay relaxed forever. Despite future price increases, you can continue to use the stamps at the rate you buy today. All you need to do is buy these stamps and stick them on your Size 10 envelope or other standard-sized envelopes to cover the postage charges.

You can use more than one Forever Stamp for letters or parcels that weigh more than one ounce.

How Much Should You Pay for a Forever Stamp?

The value of a Forever Stamp is equal to the current rate of first-class stamps, not the price you paid to buy them. So, even if you paid $0.66 for one Forever Stamp, you can use 2 of them to cover postage charges of $1.32, if the price increases to $0.66.

For international shipments, you should first calculate the rate of your international letter or package. Then, divide this rate by the current rate of first-class postage rate to know how many Forever postage Stamps you need to cover international shipments’ postage.

However, it would help if you remembered that you could sometimes save money by using the exact postage stamps, instead of Forever Stamps.  The current value of one Forever Stamp is $0.66.

Where Can I Buy Forever Stamps From?

Forever postage Stamps of the US are available at the USPS department of your local post office.  You can also buy these stamps from certain grocery or gift stores. You can buy them online or by telephone or you can also read our detailed guide on where to buy stamps near me.

If you are from Canada, you can buy Forever Stamps (known as Permanent Stamps in Canada) from the Canadian Post Office. Forever Stamps are available in different formats in different countries. You can contact your local post office to know more about these Forever postage Stamps.

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